CNC / Machining

From traditional mills, lathes, and OD/ID grinding, to our 3-axis and 5-axis CNC milling machines; our experienced team has the tooling and know how to meet and exceed customer demands.


Using 5-axis CNC Machining with PowerMILL
Advantages of this system include:

  • Our PowerMILL software is a time saving tool. We machine complex parts in a single set-up – with no additional set-up tasks.
  • The software allow us to use shorter cutters than other software systems. This results in faster and more accurate machining, with less vibration
  • Our systems allow for better surface finish by controlling the orientation of the tool to the work piece
  • Our CNC set-up includes a fully integrated simulation and collision detection of undercut regions
  • Tool axis editing enables us to fine-tune individual areas of the toolpaths, resulting in a smooth machine tool motion